Training to Improve Adherence

Client situation

With its ophthalmic drug, a research-based pharmaceutical company was faced with the difficult situation that the invasive application of the drug directly into the eye had led to massive adhesion problems. A number of patients discontinued the therapy, which had in general been highly effective.

Our solution

Our analysis showed that the staff of the prescribing physicians' practices had great difficulty in dealing professionally with the non-adherence of patients. Instead of supporting the patients throughout the therapy, the patients were reproached. As a counter-measure, we designed a training concept that enabled the practice staff to improve patient adherence by using suitable communication tools. Another measure was to make communication with the patients more empathic and appreciative. Due to the close reference to indications, such a seminar concept can be implemented in compliance with the codex (FSA).

Client benefits

The adherence of patients was significantly increased through our training measures. In addition, our seminars have enabled the company to position itself as a patient-centred partner for its medical clients. As one of the company's sales representatives was present at each seminar, the sales force was able to gain many new insights about its medical clients. To date, over 50 seminars have taken place.