Advisory Boards

Client situation

A research-based pharmaceutical company planned the launch of an innovative product for the emergency treatment of trauma-related pain in Germany. Large regional differences in the organization of emergency treatment made positioning in the market more difficult. In the run-up to the product launch, it was important for our customer to better understand the regional differences, to familiarize the opinion leaders with the new dosage form and to win them over as multipliers for the new product.

Our solution

We organized a complete series of advisory board meetings with different topics. We developed a dramaturgy and an agenda, created convincing and visually appealing slide decks for the events and moderated and recorded the advisory board meetings.

Client benefits

The series of pre-launch advisory board meetings provided our client with valuable feedback on the positioning of the product in a difficult market environment. At the same time, important opinion leaders were gained as multipliers. The awareness level of the new product was significantly increased even before the launch.