Patient Advisory Board

Client situation

A medical technology company was planning the relaunch of all patient media for a medical device in risk class III. We convinced the company to focus on the patient perspective when redesigning the patient media. Patient communication was a sensitive area for the company, as the medical device has to be implanted with a relatively time-consuming and not entirely low-risk operation; many patients chose a less invasive solution of a competitor after receiving detailed information.

Our solution

For the Advisory Board Meeting, we recruited expert patients who had knowledge of the indications as well as excellent communication skills. The new concept for patient media was discussed together with our client's employees (Brand Manager, Medical Advisor) and the expert patients.

Client benefits

The employees of our client perceived the first contact with patients as very enriching and motivating. The direct introduction of the patient perspective gave our client entirely new impulses for the creation of patient media – especially for the solution of the adherence problem.