KOL Mapping

Client situation

Our client – a research-based pharmaceutical company – was about to get approval of an orphan drug in a pediatric indication and wanted to establish contacts key opinion leaders (KOL). Although the disease is rare, it was difficult for the company to identify physicians who were more involved with the disease.

Our solution

We recommended an analysis of the current KOL landscape in Germany to our customer. For this purpose, we defined decision criteria for the relevance of the KOL and weighted the criteria according to their significance with respect to our client’s goals. Taking these criteria into account, we carried out a database-supported analysis and created a ranking of the currently leading KOLs and “Rising Stars”.

Client benefits

Through our detailed analysis of the very confusing national KOL landscape, our customer was able to establish contacts with relevant decision-makers at an early stage and thus make the therapeutic value of the product known to the community even before its launch. The identification of the “Rising Stars” enabled our customer to establish targeted contacts to the opinion leaders of tomorrow.