Development of a Patient Strategy

Client situation

A research-based pharmaceutical company active in several therapeutic areas contacted us with the request for support in developing a uniform patient strategy for all therapeutic areas. In particular, our client's objective was to use the strategy to position itself in a more patient-centred way.

Our solution

We analysed the client's patient centricity through structured interviews with members of patient organisations, physicians and company employees. Based on the results, we developed concrete measures for the areas »mindset«, »structures« and »processes« to increase patient centricity. Also, we defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure the results of the steps we had taken.

Client benefits

The company's patient focus was increased significantly in all measured dimensions. The corporate strategy was consistently focused on the patient. As a result, patients, doctors and payers perceive the company as having a particularly high level of commitment. An important measure on the way to more patient centricity was to bring more employees into direct contact with patients. This is seen by employees as a meaningful part of their work and contributes to greater job satisfaction.