Consensus recommendations in oncology

Client situation

Our customer, a pharmaceutical company active in oncology, found itself in a situation in which its product, with good efficacy, sometimes caused serious side effects. From dose reduction and symptomatic treatment of the side effects to complete discontinuation of the drug, oncologists pursued very different strategies for side effect management in clinical practice. This led to great uncertainty on the part of users.

Our solution

We recommended organizing an advisory board meeting with leading oncologists to develop consensus recommendations for side effect management. We took over the organization and moderation of the advisory board meeting. This turned out to be a challenge, as the views of the physicians sometimes differed widely. Through clever moderation, we were nevertheless able to reach a consensus, which was then formulated into a consensus paper by our Medical Writer. The paper was successfully published in an international peer-reviewed journal.

Client benefits

The publication of the consensus recommendations significantly helped our customer to reduce the uncertainty in side effect management and to strengthen the confidence of physicians in the product.