Adherence Concept Radiology

Client situation

Many patients in radiology are »afraid of the tube«, i.e. of examinations in CT or MRI. This is unpleasant for both patients and radiological practices, as it disrupts the strictly timed workflows in radiology, e.g. by interrupting examinations. Our client, a manufacturer of contrast media active in radiology, was looking for ways to offer services to its clients that improve patient adherence.

Our solution

We developed a two-stage adherence concept: The first stage was the creation of patient-friendly information brochures that were made available to patients before the examination date. This enabled patients to prepare themselves optimally for the examination and reduce their fears. The second stage was the training of radiological assistant staff (MTRA) in the radiological practices to communicate with patients in an anxiety-relieving and empathetic manner.

Client benefits

Our two-part adherence concept has significantly increased patient adherence. As a result, workflows in the practices have been optimised, and there are fewer non-adherent patients. As a result, our client was able to offer his clients considerable added value that differentiated him from other competitors.